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Fisher King Winery Named

2015 Wisconsin Winery of the Year

As we closed the books on our 5th anniversary celebration this past September, it was with some sadness that we announced we were leaving our adopted home in Mount Horeb. We’ve enjoyed steady growth of both our retail and wholesale wine sales over the years – thanks to you – appreciators of Fisher King’s finely crafted, Wisconsin produced wine. But now we require more space to keep up with current and forecasted demand. Approximately 40,000 visitors were tracked through our door in 2015; a number which continues to grow each year. About 45% of those visitors say they stopped in Mount Horeb primarily to visit the winery. Having exhausted all avenues to staying in Mount Horeb, we’ve set our sights on the booming Liberty Park development in Verona as the new home of Fisher King Winery.

We are now totally excited about reopening Fisher King Winery in our new, significantly larger facility - at a location that puts us much closer to Madison! The facility will include a private event space, catering kitchen, and an outdoor wine patio. Our neighbors will include Sugar River Pizza Company, Wisconsin Brewing Company, the new 160-room Hyatt Hotel, and Wicked Jezebel Bootleg Distillery, with more businesses scheduled to follow. Updates on our winery Facebook page and website will posted over the weeks ahead regarding the move, including our “Construction Cam” that shows the construction progress on the new building. Our last day open to the public in Mt. Horeb was Sunday, November 20. We hope to reopen before Christmas this month!

Our 2014 Marquette red wine was awarded a silver medal at the New York International Wine Competition and Fisher King was named the 2015 Wisconsin Winery of the Year. (second text box)
This international competition welcomed close to 1000 submissions from the United States and over 30 countries from all over the world. It is the only major international wine competition to be judged solely by trade buyers. Each wine is judged by its category and retail price.

This highly selective competition awards relatively few medals to only the top producers in each category.

Held in Midtown Manhattan earlier this month, this year’s impressive judging panel included buyers from top retail stores, sommeliers, distributors, and importers. The judges were excited by the high quality of known wines submitted as well as the large number of new wines looking to break into the New York market and the United States as well.

All wines are judged in a blind tasting method and are sampled for appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, and finish. Each judging panel confers together to come to a unanimous decision. The judges make their decisions knowing that their peers (other trade buyers in New York and throughout the world) will also be making real buying decisions based upon the medals awarded at this particular competition.

Madison Magazine Interview

Fisher King Winery is in the news with a feature story on Wisconsin Wines in the December 2014 Issue of Madison Magazine and the current issue of Wisconsin Restaurateur.  See the stories posted on the Winery's Facebook Page!

Double-Gold & Silver Medals at the 2014 American Wine Society Competition

November 7, 2014 ​
Fisher King Winery was awarded a Double-Gold medal and a Silver medal at the American Wine Society 2014 National Wine Competition.  The company’s Troll Town Red - a Pinot Noir style dry wine crafted from Dane County grown Marechal Foch grapes – was presented with a Double-Gold medal at the event. The winery's White Whisper medium-sweet white wine was also awarded a Silver Medal in the same competition. White Whisper is made from Wisconsin grown Frontenac Gris wine grapes.  “Both of these delightful wines represent the quality of our Wisconsin grown wine grapes”, said Alwyn Fitzgerald the Winery’s owner and winemaker, “The Troll Town has been wildly popular with Wisconsin wine enthusiasts, as has our newly released Marquette red wine. The Frontenac Gris grapes used to produce White Whisper are also a cold-hearty hybrid varietal grown in local vineyards.” “There are now more than 90 permitted wineries in the state of Wisconsin – up from only 13 in the year 2000”, stated Fitzgerald, who is also board secretary of the Wisconsin Winery Association. “Our Wisconsin wine industry is rapidly growing and significantly contributes to the state economy in the form of employment, industrial sales, tax revenues, and tourism dollars. And of course there is the benefit that our nationally recognized, premium wines are available for enjoyment by fine wine appreciators across the state.”  The American Wine Society’s Commercial Competition launched 1986 and is one of the oldest and most respected wine challenges in the United States.  The Competition utilizes industry experts and AWS-certified wine judges to provide consistent, objective evaluation of each wine.

Gold Medals and "Best In Class" at International Eastern Wine Competition

March 2013

We are pleased to announce that Fisher King Winery has just been awarded both “Best in Class” and a Double-Gold Medal for our Blue Rapture Seyval wine, as well as another Gold Medal for our 2011 Marquette Wine, at the Eastern International Wine Competition! This year the competition received over a thousand wine entries representing wineries throughout the Eastern U.S., Midwest, West, and Eastern Canada. A win here shows how a wine really stacks up against other producers from across the eastern two-thirds of the country and Canada. “This is a terrific success not only for our Mount Horeb Winery, but also for wine appreciators who visit our area or live right here in Southern Wisconsin”, said Fisher King's winemaker Alwyn Fitzgerald.

Fisher King Achieves National Measure of Success

April 2013

​“National” is the very essence of the US National Wine Competition.  It comprises the multitude and diversity of grape varieties (native, hybrid, vinifera) and growing regions that exist from shore-to-shore that are unique to our nation’s historical footprint.  This large and acclaimed competition recognizes excellence in winemaking by awarding medals to wines produced in any of the 50 United States, and assesses wines on their own merits by qualified, experienced judges from the wine industry, wine journalism, wine trade and restaurants.

​It was announced this week that Fisher King Winery's Blue Rapture sweet Seyval Blanc earned a Gold Medal at this year's competition.  The winery also claimed a Bronze medal for the Winery's 2011 Marquette Wine at this nationally judged event.  “These finely crafted wines were created during our very first year of operation,” said Fisher King Winery's winemaker, “we could couldn't be prouder of our small, artisan winery”.

Gold & Silver Medals at the 2013 American Wine Society Competition

November 11, 2013

​It was announced today that Fisher King Winery was awarded three Silver medals and one Gold medal at the American Wine Society (AWS) 2013 Commercial Wine Competition. Blue Rapture, Heat Wave Chardonnay, and Frontenac Reserve each received a Silver medal. The Winery’s 2012 Marquette was awarded Gold.

“Marquette is a fantastic, newer hybrid grape that grows well in our cold climate”, said Alwyn Fitzgerald the Winery’s owner and winemaker, “It offers unique characteristics that allow us to craft an excellent Pinot Noir-like red wine from grapes grown right here in Wisconsin.”

​The American Wine Society’s Commercial Competition is one of the oldest and most respected competitions in the United States. It provides national recognition among both consumers and wine industry professionals. The Competition utilizes industry experts and AWS-certified wine judges to provide consistent, objective evaluation of each wine.

Fisher King Winery Wins Gold & Silver

February 4, 2014

Fisher King Winery was awarded a Gold medal for its 2012 Blue Rapture sweet white wine and a Silver medal for the winery’s 2012 Wisconsin Marquette dry red wine at the 2014 Winemaker Challenge International Competition held in San Diego California. 

The San Diego Winemaker Challenge is the first major international wine competition of the year. It is a unique event that utilizes the trusted palates of seasoned winemakers from renowned wineries such as Peju Province and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars in Napa Valley, Clos du Bois, and Simi Winery, to name a few. The judges work in panels of three, and all tastings are conducted blind.

​“Fisher King Winery’s Blue Rapture wine is a pleasantly sweet, crisp white wine that has consistently been our Number One selling white wine”, said Alwyn Fitzgerald, the Winery’s owner and winemaker, “and the Marquette wine we craft from locally grown grapes gives testimony to the quality of wine grapes grown in Wisconsin, as well as the excellent wine being produced in this state.”

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